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Every Monday evening (except on holidays and, of course, during Hawaii Ski Week), at 4:30 PM, a group of ski club members and their friends play tennis at Keehi Lagoon Courts, off  Lagoon Drive.  Stay in shape and enjoy a "careful social hour" afterwards.

April 7, (Thursday) 5:00 PM  General Membership Meeting/Annual Board Election at Mangiamo by 604.  Please try to get there at 5:00 as we want to conclude our business before the music begins at 6:00 PM.


  The Newsletter is "baaaaaack."  Sorry for the interruption, but I was off skiing in Utah for 5 weeks and, as I believe I have said before, don't own the necessary accoutrement (a laptop computer) to publish while "on the road."  When I got to Utah, staying in a suburb of Salt Lake City and skiing Alta, there hadn't been any snow for 6 weeks, and, except for 3 days when we picked up about 3" - 4" a day, and the very end, when we got close to 2' in 2 days, and I couldn't get up the canyon to take advantage, I was basically on the same groomers every day for the entire trip.  As I write this,  Anita and Bill are off to Park City for a late season trip and should be enjoying the new snow that I missed.  The longstanding snow drought in Utah, due to a stationary high pressure area which was deflecting storms north and south, was also present in other western states:  We didn't know how lucky we were to have the conditions we had at Aspen/Snowmass at the end of January.   Talking about the Park City area, Alan and Karen were there for a short period while I was over the ridge at Alta, and I'm sorry to report that their trip was cut short when Karen broke an arm in a fall.  Fortunately, it was a clean break without complications, has not required surgery, and Alan reports her to be on mend:  Send your positive thoughts Karen's way for a speedy recovery.  Speaking of late season trips,  Geof is or will, shortly, be off to Mammoth (where else would he go?) with several other ski club members whom I cannot name because I can't find the email or message he sent.   Now for the results of the vote for next season's Hawaii Ski Week- - - Drum Roll Please!- - - We are going back to BIG SKY.  Big Sky garnered 29 votes, Revelstoke 21, and The Dolomites 8.  While a little less than half the membership voted,  Alan reports this to be the highest participation in awhile"  Thanks guys.   Talking about elections (See below for details), we ARE having the annual Board elections at our coming April General Membership Meeting.  Directors serve 2 year terms with the terms staggered so that approximately half end every year which is designed to give us continuity from year to year.  The President serves only a 1 year term.  4 of our 5 departing Board members have consented to run again which gives us more continuity than we could have imagined.  I second Jonathan's comments below concerning Geof Chu's departure from the Board:  It's the end of an era.   See you all on April 7.




Nominations for the five two-year Board of director and one one-year President terms were closed at the March 3rd membership meeting. The following nominations were received:

For Director,

Carolyn Sluyter
Nelson Dang
Mike Tsutsui
Karl See
Stuart Taggart

For President,

Toby Kravet

The election will be held at the April 7th membership meeting.

Geof Chu is retiring from the Board after many years of service as Director, President and Treasurer. We will miss his counsel at the meetings, but we hope he will continue as party planner, pau hana expert, and BBQ chef. Mahalo, Geof.

Jonathan Carr
Elections Chair



April 7  (Thursday) 5 PM

Our second General Membership Meeting of 2022 (Not counting the Pre-Trip meeting on January 6 which was not billed as a General Membership Meeting) will be held about 3.5 weeks from now at our usual venue, Mangiamo by 604.  The annual election for Board of Directors and President will also be held at this time.  Although the doors don't open until 500 PM, please try to get there as close to 5:00 as possible so that we can get our business out of the way before the music begins.  Also, although vaccination cards, are no longer required to enter Hawaii restaurants, it wouldn't hurt to have it with you- - -  just in case.  If you haven't yet been to Mangiamo, it is opposite the airport, off of Valkenburgh Street which runs between Nimitz Highway (under the viaduct) and Radford Drive.  It is on the second floor of the golf course's club house. See you there.




Facebook is the best way to keep current on the Hawaii Ski Club. On your Facebook page on your computer, type "Hawaii Ski Club" into the search box on the top left. On your mobile device, tap the magnifying glass at the top to get the search box.  Pictures from Ski Club activities and other items are posted as they are submitted.  You can submit your own Ski Club pictures and other items you wish posted by emailing them to anita@hawaiisnowskiclub.com


Contributions from the membership to future newsletters are encouraged and will be greatly appreciated: Please e mail them to Toby (see Contacts) no later than 9 calendar days from the end of the month. Thanx much.

Updated club info available at http://www.hawaiisnowskiclub.com and on our Facebook page.

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