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Nothing scheduled due to COVID-19 limitations on activity.


Better Late than Never:  A few weeks ago, I finally opened the December issue of Honolulu Magazine and there, in a center promotional section, sponsored by AARP Hawaii, was a 2 page, centerfold article, would you believe, on our own Lori Auhll.   We all knew she was an annual competitor in the Waikiki Roughwater swim, but I didn't know that she has completed the race 20 times and often goes on her 2 mile training swims after finishing a couple of rounds of tennis at Kapiolani Park.   I also didn't know that she is into paddling and, for a long period of time, horseback riding and has ridden horses all over the world.   I would provide you a link to the article but couldn't get a satsifactory one without joining an organization or group and getting a password, and I didn't want to do that.  In any case, GO Lori!!!!!

In last month's Newsletter, I stated that a few Club members were still going, on their own, to Aspen-Snowmass.  Well, as it turned out, the Pickens drove up with their son, Jeff, from their second home (or is it their first and Honolulu is their second) elsewhere in Colorado and Geof Chu flew in to Las Vegas and drove up, after a week's skiing in Utah.  Only these 4 made it.  According to Geof, the snow was good, but the restaurants were totally take-out:  He had stopped at a market on the way in so that he could prepare his own meals in his unit.  He also shared that getting Covid tests with a fast turnaround for results in Salt Lake City, before he drove up to Aspen, and in Las Vegas, before flying back to Honolulu, were not a problem.  You can find a photo of Geof, Jeff, and Claire at Aspen-Snowmass on the photos page of our website,  :  Just click on "Photos" and scroll down to the 15th picture.

Craig Shaffer flew back to his original home in Pittsburgh in late January due to his mother's illness, took his snowboard with him, and just returned (to Pittsburgh) from a weedend at Bear Creek with the Beaver Valley Ski Club.  He said the snow was a bit on the hard side. He also said that it was the first trip with a club he has taken in the last 5 years.  I believe, from several Facebook posts I have seen, that he has been boarding elsewhere, but I'm not sure.  He did go to a local park where he indicates his wife, Linda, to have been the lift operator:  I assume he was boarding down, and she was driving him back up to the top (Kind of like Mauna Kea, but at a much lower altitude?).  By the way, Craig's mom, whom he brought to Club meetings when she was in town and some of you have met, unfortunately passed away shortly following his arrival.

Andrea Weymouth Fujie and John Cho have been to Park City and are returning to Utah in late March for another go at it. On the second trip, they hope to concentrate on Brighton in big Cottonwood Canyon.  With permission, her email on their experience is reprinted below. 

Who else has been and/or motivated enough to "jump through the Covid hoops" to go skiing this year?  Let me know, and I'll give you your 10 seconds of glory in the next Newsletter.

MEANWHILE, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, we are already planning to make up for lost time at Aspen-Snowmass next year.  We have received preliminary information from and may be signing a contract soon for our usual last week in January.   Stay tuned.

Also, by now, you have received an email from Jonathan, asking for Board nominations, and this will be followed by the ballot.  As with last year, due to the pandemic, there will be no meeting "---convened for the purpose of elections:"  The process will be completed via email. Your timely response to the ballot, when you receive it, will be appreciated.

Finally,  below are a couple of items from the latest Far West Ski Association's News Flash.

A hui hou kakou and stay safe out there,




"It was awesome. My friend and new ski club member John Cho went to Utah in January. We chose Utah because we could limit our exposure traveling and while visiting. Delta is maintaining empty middle seat blocking thru april. So we were able to fly wide body nonstop with 3 middle seats to ourselves both ways. We rented 4 WHL drive SUV from Avis/Payless, their cars are right there at airport no shuttling.

Stayed at Empire house condo right across street from main Park City lifts for 5 nites and then in a condo at sundial resort at Canyons for 3 nights. We pretty much kept to ourselves and ate most of our meals in condo, creating some fabulous and safe meals. Went horseback riding in Midway.

Our timing was perfect as it snowed plenty the day we arrived and throughout our stay. Park City lift tickets were super expensive this year $ 179 for me(63) and $129 for John (67). On line pricing add $20 if same day on site purchase. Everything everywhere was online and using QR codes. Even to get into slopeside restaurants/cafeterias. There are no more paper trail maps all on an app. God help anyone that doesn't have a smart phone or whose smart phone freezes in very cold and windy conditions.

We also skied Brighton which was our favorite just long travel time in the snow.

Going back March 22-29. Will stay in condo at deer valley, john is a snowboarder so will probably ski mostly Brighton and Solitude. Much cheaper and so beautiful. We tried to find accommodations in the Canyon but very little available and very expensive. Will rent another SUV. And if course flying delta again. We wore n95 masks the entire time at airports and on plane. We went a little over board and sanitized every surface in airplane, car and condos. Geoff gave us great advise on where to get Covid rapid testing for return. Walgreens kearns drive thru. Our insurance covered so no cost to us. Again a smart phone is necessary as everything is online with testing and with reporting to state of Hawaii. Need to present the negative test results to state and recieve QR code to enter Hawaii.

It's a brave new world out there, but plenty of people traveling and skiing. Good social distancing for the most part."


February, 2021

DANGER IN THE BACKCOUNTRY: Last week 15 people in the US died in avalanches. The highest weekly total ever recorded! Are you prepared? Are you educated? Have you been trained? Just recently, North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA) hosted a webinar, entitled “Danger in the Backcountry” along with The Bryce and Ronnie Athletic Snow Safety Foundation (BRASS) that was extremely thought provoking. With backcountry equipment sales up over 137% in the last 3 years, many more snow sport enthusiasts are venturing out of bounds. Side Country is Back Country… it is not controlled and not patrolled! At the end of last ski season, when COVID shut down the lifts, there were more than 50 human triggered avalanches in Utah. One lucky victim (he survived) was recording his run on Strava, which showed he tumbled down the mountain at 77 mph! Last month I spoke on the inherent risks of so many more skiers, boarders, and snow-shoers heading out of bounds, and not knowing what they are doing! Please, please be safe out there. Check with your local areas. Have there been any avalanche warnings? If so, stay home!! Be safe, not sorry!

MR. “GS”- TED LIGETY ANNOUNCES HIS RETIREMENT: Two-time Olympic champion, Ted Ligety has announced his retirement, capping a storied 17-year career. Ligety announced on Tuesday that he will be retiring. An Olympic gold at the 2006 Torino Olympic Games in the alpine combined and a gold in giant slalom at Sochi in 2014, Ted has podiumed in all major FIS Ski World Cup events throughout his career, including slalom, giant slalom, alpine combined, super-G and downhill. He made history at the 2013 World Championships in Schladming, Austria, winning three gold medals. In doing so, he became the first, since Jean Claude Killy, 45 years prior… in 1968, to win three or more golds in one World Championships. His achievements include 5-time World Champion, 3-time World GS Champion, 5-time GS titleholder, 336 World Cup starts, 25 World Cup victories, 52 World Cup podiums, and the only American male to win 2 Olympic gold medals in alpine skiing.




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