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No events scheduled due to COVID-19 related restrictions


I'll begin this month's Message by welcoming Michael Stitch, Louise Ing, and Jody Allione to the Club.  Unfortunately, due to the current closure of restaurants and bars and restrictions on other activities in which we participate , I won't get to meet you for a while.

I also wish to extend a warm welcome to our two new board members, Karl See and Nelson Dang, and bid a fond Aloha and Mahalo to our two departing Board Members, Bill Hodges and Linda Giers.  Our annual Board Dinner Meeting in late April, wherein we "officially" welcome our new Board Members to the fold and say goodbye to those leaving was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Also cancelled, very much to our disappointment, was our planned ski trip to New Zealand in August.  Alan has already notified the 30 odd members who had already signed up (and we had expected about 10 more).  There were too many uncertainties concerning the trip, especially whether the ski areas would be open and the country accepting international travelers, and it was considered prudent to "get out" while the deposits could still be refunded.  Mahalo, Alan, for staying "close to the action" and making the judicious decision. That's why you get paid the big bucks (heh!).

Now we need to consider Hawaii Ski Week to Aspen-Snowmass for January, 2021.  I know it is a whole 9 months away, but this is the time we normally assess the travel agency bids, make a decision on the agency, and send in a deposit.  You probably didn't know that the Club makes an early,  good faith deposit to the agency chosen and then gets it returned from the funds you later deposit for the trip.  Please read Alan's preliminary description of the trip and related costs below and, as he asks, contact him no later than May 8.  As I understand it, in order to proceed, we  need to assure that we will be booking at least 20 airfares.

With regard to a resumption in monthly General Membership Meetings, Pau Hanas, volunteer activities, tennis, hikes, and other activities, that all depends upon a lessening of the restrictions imposed to keep us safe from COVID-19.  Given the size of the room at Zippy's Vineyard, the fact that we have it to ourselves, and the number of people who normally come,  we may be able to resume holding General Membership Meetings there when the restaurant re-opens.  I can't see us widely dispersed at Pau Hanas when the whole point is to socialize, and I wouldn't want to schedule a hike as long as we are supposed to keep 20 feet apart on the trail.  With the social distancing rules in place, can you imagine your Board conducting board meetings with megaphones?  (Just joking of course) 

Except for my extended ski vacations to Utah every year and my time in the hospital and rehab following a major ski accident several years ago (you newer members wouldn't  know about that), this Newsletter has been published on a monthly basis since I took it over, I think, some time in 2007 though it could have been earlier.   Without upcoming activities to announce and previous activities to review (to show you non participants what you missed), however, there is no reason to continue putting it out a monthly newsletter at this time:  We will resume a frequent newsletter when our level of activity supports it and, until then, will be keeping touch via shorter emails.  Be sure to let us know if your email address changes.

Continue to stay safe out there.

A hui hou kakou,




Aloha All,

We are in the final stages of negotiations for our Aspen/Snowmass ski trip on January 22-30, 2021 and have a great package price for your consideration. Round trip airfare on United Airlines from Honolulu to Aspen is $900 pp. We have several lodging options at the ski in ski out Crestwood Condominiums in newly renovated deluxe units:

1 bedroom 1 bath $1200 pp for 7 nights lodging double occupancy

2 bedroom 2 bath $950 pp quad occupancy

1 bedroom+loft 2 bathroom $850 pp quad occupancy

Senior 6 day lift tickets $400 and adult 6 day lift ticket $550 (fewer days also available and Ikon Pass holders get 5 days).

Total ski package (7 nights lodging, rt airfare, rt shuttle, Welcome Reception, Farewell Dinner and 6 days senior lift tickets) ranges from $2150 pp in 1 bedroom + loft to $2500 pp in 1 bedroom 1 bath. Add $150 for non-senior lift tickets.

In order to take advantage these great prices, we need to book a minimum of 24 individuals in the condo and 20 airline seats. No minimum requirement for lift tickets. On last year’s trip to Big Sky, Montana we had nearly 70 participants in the Summit Hotel but only 26 booked airline seats through the travel agency. Therefore, before signing a contract I am asking you to notify me if you are planning to ski with us next January and if you will be booking a reservation including airfare through our travel agent.  Please let me know by emailing me at  by May 8. For your protection in these uncertain times, the first deposit isn’t due until September 15 and the trip can be completely cancelled with a full refund by October 15.



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