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Nothing scheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions on activity.


HOT OFF THE PRESS:  The ski industry is not immune to the naming issues that have plagued professional sports in the United States.  The word "Squaw" may have been the Algonquin indian tribe's equiavalent of "Wahine" in their language, but it has become imbued with a less than positive connotation in later years in the American culture at large, and Squaw Valley will be changing it's name, probably for the 2022 season.

Last month I mentioned how the "goal posts," with regard to permitted activities in this COVID-19 era keep changing and indeed they have---again and again.  I sat down this morning,  Wednesday, August 26, reviewed what I had already written for the "President's Message," and realized that I had to start over again.  Who would have "thunk," back in March and April, that we would still be in the grips of the pandemic at this time and starting another shutdown.  

With the current limitation of non family groups to five until late September and no idea of what rules will be in place after that, there will be no October Kickoff Party planned for this year.  Just mail your new membership application, available from our website, , along with your check for the appropriate amount to Hawaii Ski Club Membership, P.O. Box 3004, Aiea, Hawaii  96701.  I know that the majority of you did it this way, but some of you did bring your checks and new applications to the Kickoff Party:  Now you'll all have to mail it in.   If you have any questions regarding membership, please address them to our membership chair, Jonathan Carr,

I was pleased to see such a large turnout at Meals on Wheels (see below) with short notice and amazed at what we accomplished in a scant three hours. At the same time, although we were provided with face shields to wear over our masks, the setup did not allow for the social distancing we expected.  As I state below, we were not able to stay socially distanced on the Aiea Loop Trail Hike either.   We can't control everything, but we will take this issue into consideration with future activities when we are able to plan them. 

Stay safe out there my friends.

A hui hou kakou,



August 1, 2020

On Saturday, August 1, seven Ski Club members, by hook or by crook, managed to find parking, in various locations,  in the park atop Aiea Heights and hiked the Loop Trail clockwise.  Due, I would imagine, to the restrictions on other activities caused by COVID-19 safety measures, a lot of honolulu residents have taken to the trails, and the popular Aiea Heights Loop Trail was no exception.   It was a beautiful day for hiking, not completely clear but not overly cloudy, mild temperatures, and with only a few stops to rest and get the group back together, we managed the almost five mile trail in about three hours.  Although it should not be necessary to wear masks out in the fresh air as long as social distancing measures are observed, and I don't recall any of our group wearing masks,  there were a lot of other groups on the trail that day, with about half, in my "guestimation," masked up and all passing us on the trail, going in both directions, with no room for social distancing.   It was easy for me to understand why the governor has now closed hiking trails.  We will schedule more hikes when they are permitted and, hopefully, will not have to go through the on again/off again situation we experienced a couple of weeks ago when attempting schedule a hike on the Maunawili Demonstration Trail.


August 20, 2020

On August 20th ten Hawaii Ski Club members volunteered at Lanakila Meals on Wheels. Our group created 1200 packages of non-perishable foods which will be distributed to kapuna of our community in case of an emergency like a hurricane or stay-at-home order due to the COVID virus. Everyone wore face masks and LMOW provided facial shields to protect those around us. A special mahalo to Bill, Judy, Katrena, Mitch, Nancy, Randy, Sam, Toby, and Wanda for your selflessness in volunteering your time to others.




HAWAII SKI WEEK,  Aspen Snowmass, is planned for Jan 22-30, 2021. Package prices include RT airfare on United Airlines from Honolulu to Aspen $899. Six days senior lift tickets $396 (fewer days and non-senior available). 7 nights at ski in ski out Crestwood Condos ranging from $855 pp quad occupancy in 1 bd +loft/ 2 ba; $950 pp quad for 2bd/ 2 ba; $1170 pp double occupancy 1 bd/1 ba condo. Total package price for as little as $2,150 including RT baggage handling and shuttle service to condos, Welcome Reception, Farewell Dinner and Welcome Basket in each condo. Deposit of $500 due mid-September and final payment due November 12, 2020. Deposit fully refundable until final payment is made.  Recommend that everyone should consider trip insurance. Will confirm dates when cancellations must be made for air and lodging for refund.

RUSUTSU ski trip is set for Feb 20-28, 2021. Going one week later saves us $200 compared to last year. The trip package this year is $2800 pp double occupancy and includes RT non-stop airfare on Hawaiian Airlines, 7 nights lodging, 6 days lift tickets, RT shuttle bus from airport, breakfast buffet and dinner vouchers each day ($600 value). Schewetravel is holding 35 seats on Hawaiian Airlines at $799 and 25 rooms at Rusutsu, which can accommodate 50 people double occupancy. $500 deposit will be due for Rusutsu on a date TBD. 15 people expressed interest in a 3 day extension to Kiroro February 28- March 3, 2021. Estimating $600/person double occupancy for three nights lodging at ski-in ski-out Sheraton Kiroro Hotel and 3 days lift tickets.



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